Stylish new make-up

for beautiful eyes, sumptuous lips

and a sensuous body!

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After many years of selling this excellent range of products we have taken the decision to withdraw from the cosmetics market to concentrate on our core health business. As a result we are no longer re-stocking the Hennapens range so the colours we can offer you will diminish as our stocks run out. 

Check out individual product pages to see the discounts available

We hope that this does not cause too much disappointment and inconvenience. You can still obtain the full range from the manufacturer's website

Henna Lips, Henna Eyes and Henna Penna  - bring you long-lasting, waterproof make-up at the stroke of a pen. 

Henna has been used to adorn young women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. The earliest texts mentioning henna date back from more than 3500 years. Henna has been regarded as having “Baraka”, blessedness, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. 

These new simple, effective henna-based cosmetic products offer modern solutions to traditional arts thanks to the use of advanced technologies and nature's best ingredients. Every product is soft and gentle, free from preservatives and artificial colors and not tested on animals .


Henna Eyes

The Henna Eyes eyeliner is designed pen to sculpt and define your brows!

The perfect solution for long-lasting and natural make-up that gives the contour of your eyes a fashionable and long lasting look.


Henna Lips 

Henna Lips is a long-lasting, two-tipped lip liner and lipstick that won't feel sticky on your lips.

Soft and gentle with smoothing and moisturizing qualities. Kiss proof – does not smudge

Henna Penna 

Henna Penna is a pen filled with henna extract for drawing natural tattoos and skin decorations. 

Easy and safe to apply free hand or with stencils. Dries up quickly on the skin.