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Henna Penna is a pen filled with henna extract for creating natural tattoos and skin decorations.

Beautifying ones body with henna tattoos on festive occasions is a tradition that is present in many cultures. In the last decade, tattoos and body decorations have also become a popular trend among young people all over the world. 

The revolutionary technique of extracting the henna and formulating ink is a patented technology. 

Just move your cursor over the colored squares to see which color is which!

Application: Apply Henna Penna directly on the skin, at free hand or with inspiration from stencils. Reapply to refresh the tattoo or for a darker shade. Henna Penna Original colour stays on the skin for a few days. Designs made with the other Henna Penna colours have a shorter lifespan due a lower concentration of Henna extract. 

Close cap after use to avoid contents from drying out. 

Tips: The application of lemon juice on the design can some­times make the color more intense. Many people have hesitated to do permanent tattoos and decorations with cosmetic products.  

The degree to which Henna ink will spread is determined by the skin type and amount of moisture in the skin. To get finer lines the skin has to be moisturized. The spreading of ink means the skin is dry and the water in the Henna ink is absorbed too rapidly. It is best to moisturize the skin first, wait for cream to be absorbed then apply the Henna Penna.

Henna Penna Original lasts up to 7 days but brown and black inks will fade after 1-2 days because the concentration of Henna is lower (approx 15%) Above this concentration the formulation would need PEDA or other additives to avoid oxidation and the product would no longer be fully natural.

Hennapens are great for a natural, long-lasting look but the staining qualities vary from product to product and color to color. For more information click here.

Ingredients: Henna Extract, Aqua, Ethanol.

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Quick and easy to use

Enhances make-up and can replace jewelry

Waterproof and stays on the skin for a few days

Refresh the tattoo and make it darker by reapplying.

Easy and safe application – drawing free hand or with stencils

Dries quickly on the skin

A two-tipped pen - a thin and a thick tip for better designs! 

100% natural ingredients. 

No preservatives, synthetic colorants, PPD or perfumes

Not tested on animals. 

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Two or more of any one color - $10 each

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